5 Marketing Tips To Keep In Mind in 2017

You’ve heard the truism that “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”. There are tons of content marketers right now who questioning their marketing strategy and given how easy it is to lose focus to the noise of the day, and pressure from investors who want a quick return, more and more marketers are increasingly looking to turn a profit fast and ditching their long-term strategy.

This pattern of trend chasing and the illusion to profit from today’s momentum is going obsolete. Originality, Innovation, and creativity are the drivers of growth. As a marketer, your goal is to create content that offers a solution, solve a problem and to keep your audience engaged.

Churning out a lot of contents without much substance is separating great marketer from mediocre. And come 2017 if your blog still resembles a generalist and does not align with your niche, you won’t get high-quality traffic or attract your desired audience.

The days of copying of someone else ideas are over. To be reckoned with, you definitely need to stand out from the pack by offering unique and profound contents. I’m not saying that you should reinvent the wheel but whatever you do, it is in best your interest that your audience finds them unique and not some cliche that everyone is already talking about. Here are 5 tips to keep in mind as we usher in 2017.

Inspire Your Audience

A great business always respond to change not react to it. Digital Marketing has come a long way and over the past decades, a lot has changed. As competition intensifies, it doesn’t stop new businesses from springing up every day. But opportunity abounds for smart marketers. when you build a business that inspires, excites and educates, it ripples across the whole social platform. People will talk about how great your service is, they will share it, promote it and they will remember you for being exceptional.

When you offer valuable contents you get noticed by search engines too, with content that ranked high, you are set for exponential growth and opportunity to reach more audience.

Have A Budget

Setting out a budget for your content marketing campaign will help you to make a monthly projection for your sales goal. And spreading your investment across multiple platforms will help to reach a diverse audience and attract new leads. It is imperative that you allocate your fund careful to help you stamp out a marketing strategy and tactics that are not working or getting the desired results. The use of automation technology in emails and social media is increasingly the most effective way to nurture your audience with fresh contents and personalized their experience. To provide any meaningful service to your audience, you need to fully understand them and be able to tailor contents according to the various stage of their buying journey.

Market To The Right Audience

The ability to reach more audience are enormous these days but running a campaign that reaches too far across-the-board can put you in the red and may not lead to sells or conversion. You must be specific with your marketing strategy by understanding who are marketing to. Trying to sell to everyone can amount to a waste of time, effort and doesn’t work but carving out a targeted content with your ideal audience in mind will yield a profound result and increase your bottom line. Yes, it can be painstaking to focus on specific prospects but it will be worthwhile in the long run.

Understand Your Audience

Most experts agreed that content marketing works better when you build up your audience persona profiles. Knowing your buyer’s persona is important and can help you to align your content strategy with most suitable service that will keep your audience engaged.

You can’t afford to waste your resources creating content for the wrong audience. You must find out who your buyers are, what makes them tick, their buying habit, what appeals to them and what turns them off. Understanding their background and why they buy will help you meet their needs.

Revisit Your Strategy

What your audience are saying about your business matters. Your success depends on it and establishing yourself as a leader in your niche will come naturally when you earn their trust.

On a final note, as marketing landscape are changing rapidly, so also is the growth potential. Clients will demand more from businesses and expectation will shoot up putting many businesses in an awkward position. Meeting these challenges demand that you constantly revisit your strategy by making sure they are updated as things unfold.