Real Estate Marketing: The Top Way Realtors Stick To Clients

To understand the absolute best way realtors have found to stick to clients you first have to understand the biggest trend in the current marketplace. A couple years ago the internet saw the official shift in searches from desktop to mobile. Officially, according to Google statistics and various amalgamated reports from Reuters and the other search engines, 2014 saw over 50% of search traffic coming from mobile devices. This was a huge first for the internet, that had obviously been desktop dominated throughout its relatively short history as a mainstream media.

That tells us a very important piece of information that marketers have begun to pounce on, that virtually everyone if not flat out everyone we know has a mobile phone.

I bet you are ahead of me.

How can realtors leverage a tool like a phone to market themselves?

Popups on apps? Gross.

Digital marketing? Good luck breaking through the noise.

Promo products that stick on the back of the phone itself? Now we’re talking.

Screen Cleaner Stickers are a promo product that has taken off at tradeshows and events. Realtors have begun to catch on and various promo product companies have seen a huge lift in those sales.

Benefits to screen cleaner stickers are impressive.

1. Uniqueness

Screen Cleaners that stick on to the back of your phone simply don’t leave your client’s memory. Upon first impressions with a screen cleaner people usually blow their minds on how cool the product is. This is by far the most important aspect of a successful handout.

2. Customizable

Promotional Screen Cleaners like cloths or the stick on cleaners are fully customizable. You can throw your remax (or whatever) info on the back as well as your contact information. These are great for creating a custom message that will set you apart even further than the competition.

3. Everywhere

When was the last time you left your phone at home and went out? Never? I bet if you did you thought about it way more than you thought you would. The point is, people on average look at their phones 150 times a day and definitely take them everywhere they go. Can you imagine how beneficial it would be if your information was flashing around every time someone brought their phone out?

So, Screen Cleaner Stickers are a huge opportunity for realtors to stay in front of the pack by leveraging the almighty and ubiquitous cell phone as a marketing and branding tool.