7 Creative Ways To Inject New Life Into Your Marketing Plan

All companies will find themselves at odds with their marketing strategy. This isn’t to say that they are not getting the results they want from the plan. It just seems as though the plan in, and of itself, grows a bit stale and worn. What’s more, all successful companies find that in order to stay on the cutting edge and attract new customers, they need to tweak their marketing approach to appeal to new audiences.

it’s a risk that has tremendous rewards, and even more key is the idea that you don’t have to go too crazy with new approaches. With these seven slight, creative tweaks, you can breathe new life into your marketing:

1. Use Social Media a Little Differently – Themes in social media are the name of the game to get likes and looks. Try using this to your advantage. Maybe a “Throwback-Thursday” hashtag on a picture can be a fun way to show your business (and your hairstyle) from ‘back in the day’ and where things are now. The strategy is not too outlandish, but it’s just cool enough.

2. Get Your Customer In On the Action – Your customers are your best business outreach. It’s through their experience with your product that others are drawn to you. Let them submit pictures of themselves with your product (ease may vary depending on your product), and depending on likes or shares, they could win a gift card. This way, you’re actively connecting with your customers, fostering relationships, and getting them to help market a company they like.

3. Infographics – Embrace visuals! Online attention spans can be short, so why not hit potential customers with interesting information in the form of an interesting graphic? This way, a lot of information gets shared in a small amount of time, and you increase your chance of having the graphic be shared.

4. Embrace ‘The List’ – Whether it’s a ‘Top 10’ or a ‘Top 5’, by creating a ranking of an item, you’ve created a place for discourse on whether others agree or not. Moreover, you’ve now created an interaction based on a passion of the prospective customer, and that can certainly create attention for your company.

5. Show Some Personality – People enjoy connecting with companies that are personable. Maybe your employees are all college football fans. Guess what? So might your customers, so let your school colors show. You could even have fun with memes!

6. “Gamification” – Everyone enjoys games, so find a way to blend your product into a game of sorts. Maybe a themed online treasure hunt based in your company’s industry may elicit new information about your product & get people to see what makes you so unique.

7. Titles Matter – When it comes to your content, your title is the major draw. You need to work on the best way to get eyes & mouse-clicks, and this means carefully crafting your titles. It’s a small thing, but you’d be surprised how much this matters.