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Summer 2017: Brilliant Tips to Make Your House Cool During Summer

During summer, we want to to keep our home’s atmosphere cool, and there are amazing ways to achieve this without planting yourself in front on an electric fan or cranking your air conditioner. Keeping your blinds closed is simple tip that can block unwanted heat coming from your windows, along with the utilization of curtains and shades, saving you on electricity bill and lowering indoor temperatures. It is also best to close off your rooms so it prevents permeating of cool air on the hottest times of the day. Instead of turning on the air conditioner, fill a bowl with ice or use an ice pack then position it at an angle in front of your electric fan, in that way, the air will whip off the ice, giving you an extra chill and misty temperature.

In summer, keep your fleece blankets and flannel sheets and freshen up your room using cotton covers. Cotton is the best bed material to make your room cooler, leaving air breath easier. As compared to conventional pillows, purchasing a buckwheat pillow is also a smart idea because they have air spaces in between them, preventing holding your body’s body heat, thus keeping you cooler. It is also recommended setting your ceiling fans to rotate counter-clockwise as it creates a wind-chill breeze effect making you and your family feel cooler. Our forefather survived without air conditioning and we can do it as well by focusing on your body temperature and not your house. Being smart with the clothes you wear, preparing and sipping a tasty ice drink and applying a cold cloth to your wrists and neck will definitely help your body to cool down. Turning on your exhaust fan in your kitchen and bathroom fans allow pulling off hot air that rises after cooking or taking a steam shower in your apartment. Letting the night air in is also a brilliant idea as night temperature may drop during summer months, so you can make the most out of it.

Switching your incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescent lamps is also a brilliant idea because incandescent bulbs waste ninety percent of energy with the heat they release. Usage of stove or oven makes you house hotter so you might consider starting grilling. If you have the budget, you can invest on long-term cooling improvements most especially if you decide to live without air conditioners such as purchasing insulated window films, planting trees, plants, and vines, and painting your roof with a cooler paint or green roof. You can also have your windows tinted to reduce heat from the sun rays up to eighty-three percent, thus making your home cooler. For affordable and reasonably priced window tinting products and services in Oklahoma City, feel free to visit our homepage or website.